How to Register QR Code Maasin City in 2021 and all areas in Southern Leyte

qr code maasin city

AS OF TODAY ARK SOUTHERN LEYTE has integrated their system to ACTS and is not avaiable. You can now only register to ACTS in order to get QR Code from Maasin City and all areas in Southern Leyte.


  1. Go to and fill up all the necessary details

2. Enter your email and upload your Valid ID (Valid ID MUST reflect your birthdate to verify your age)

3. Click the tick box and SUBMIT and your DONE (it can take up to 48 hours to generate your QR and will be sent to yor email address that you provided.

4. You will receive an E-mail just like this and you will be ask to click the link to your QR Code.

5. Your QR is now generated and you’re done!

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