LTO-Maasin Chief reminds mandatory wearing of faceshield in public transport effective Aug. 15

MAASIN CITY – Maasinhon commuters who will take public transport will be required to wear face shield in addition to wearing of face mask starting August 15, LTO Maasin Chief Michelle May Sarausa reminds the riding public.

In an interview with Sarausa, the official said that
all commuters, whether riding on motorcabs, multicabs, PUJs, vans, and buses, should wear face shields and face masks.

It as recalled that the Department of Transportation (DOTr) has recently issued Memorandum Circular No. 2020-014 directing the public transport sector to implement “No Face Shield, No Ride” policy, which aims to reduce the risk of transmitting coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in public transport facilities.

However, the official clarified that drivers and passengers of private vehicles are not required to wear face shields.

“Only those in public transport are required to wear face shield. So for those who have their own private vehicles, they’re no longer required to comply with this order,” Sarausa said.

Sarausa, however, pointed out that they have yet to receive an official communication from regional office regarding the implementation of the said order to determine whether violations of the said policy have corresponding monetary penalties.

“We appeal to the drivers of public utility vehicles not to allow commuters who are not wearing face masks and face shields to ride their vehicles,” she said prompting compliance from the transport sector.

Meanwhile, she also discouraged drivers and transport operators to rent out face shields because this might be harmful as we don’t know whether the person using the face shield before is infected.

Instead, she urged commuters to bring their own face shields not just for compliance but primarily for their own safety.

Aside from wearing of face masks and face shields, the public is advised to follow the minimum health standards issued by the government such as maintaining physical or social distancing and washing of hands regularly.

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