FAQ: How to get COVID Shield Document?

ANSWER: all LSIs (students, workers, local tourists and other stranded individuals) are now requested to go through the following process in line with DILG MC 2020-087

  1. Go to the Brgy of Origin (barangay where you are currently stranded) and inform the Barangay that s/he is an LSI and will be made to fill up Annex A form.
  2. The barangay will monitor them for 14days mandatory quarantine. Once the quarantine is completed, the Barangay will issue a Certificate of Completion.
  3. Once the LSI has the Certificate of Completion, he will bring it to the Local Health Office (CHU/RHU) for the issuance of Medical Certificate.
  4. If s/he has the Medical Certificate, then s/he will submit it to the Mayor’s Office / City or Municipal DILG Office for indorsement to PNP for the issuance of Travel Authority.
    However, there are LGUs that require that LSIs must directly go to the Police Regional Director of the issuance of travel authority.

The DILG Regional Office of Origin will then consolidate the final list of LSI’s who will be able to return to their place of residence.

Therefore, there are only two documents needed:
📌 Medical Certificate that LSI is not a suspect, probable or confirmed Covid19 Case
📌 Travel Authority issued by PNP

Upon arrival in Maasin City, all LSIs must undergo Rapid Diagnostic Test to be provided by the LGU. Those who will have a reactive result in the Rapid Test shall be immediately put in the Isolation Facility (Old Soymph) of the Province and be subjected to RT-PCR (swab) Test.

PS Covid Shield Document is actually a list of confirmed LSIs who were able to submit medical certificate and travel authority.

Credits to: Atty. Jig Jeff

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